Mild Curry for Everyone - Massaman

Mussaman curry (also spelled “massaman curry”) is a type of Thai curry that is known for its complex blend of flavors and unique ingredients. It is believed to have originated in Southern Thailand but has become popular throughout the country and beyond.

Mussaman curry is typically made with a base of coconut milk, and includes a variety of ingredients such as beef or chicken, potatoes, onions, peanuts, and spices such as cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom. Some variations of the recipe may also include additional ingredients like tamarind paste, fish sauce, or palm sugar.

The resulting dish is a rich and flavorful stew with a thick and creamy consistency. The curry has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor, with a hint of spiciness from the chilies and other spices. The potatoes in the curry are soft and tender, and the peanuts add a nice crunch and texture to the dish.

Mussaman curry is often served over a bed of steamed rice, and is a popular dish in Thai restaurants and homes around the world. It is a great way to experience the unique flavors of Thai cuisine, and is a hearty and satisfying meal that can be enjoyed by all.

Curry with beef and potatoes and cashews
Mild Mussaman Curry with potatoes and beef


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